Title Genocide after Emotion. The Postemotional Balkan war
Author Meštrović Stjepan (ed.)
Publisher London and New York
Annotation Inspired by the lack of an adequate response to the collapse of Yugoslavia by international community, contributors to the Mestrovic volume gathered their insights under the umbrella-term of ‘postemotionalism’, defined by Mestrovic as a “manipulation of emotionally charged collective representations of ‘reality’ on the part of the culture industry” (11). In his view, media refocusing of public sentiments in the direction of the (invented) past instead of the relevant present reopened the possibility of unstopped aggression in the Balkans in the disguise of historically inevitable emanation of ethnic violence. The contributors are trying to move beyond postemotionalism by analyzing the causes of war and the ways to end it (Phillip J. Cohen), the dynamics of war (Norman Cigar), the origins of war (Slaven Letica), media coverage and the rise of neo-nationalism (James J. Sadkovich), and other related issues.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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