Title The Balkan Wars 1912-1913. Prelude to the First World War
Author Hall, Richard C.
Publisher London and New York : Routledge
Annotation A concise monographic study of the First and the Second Balkan War. The author provides a factual account of the origins of war. Its development in several theaters in a chronological order is reflected by the content of his study (First war, Armistice, Second war). Rather than isolating the Balkan wartime experience from the general European context, the author interprets the Balkan wars as a consequence of the attempt of the Balkan states to emulate the examples of Italian and German national unification. In his interpretation, as much as the wars were a replica of the late 19th century developments in Europe, they were also “the beginning of an era in European history dominated by nationalism and conflict.” (ix). He regards Balkan wars as the first phase of the First World War, and maintains that the casualties, atrocities and costs bear great resemblance with the further development of warfare in Europe and the world.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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