Title The Carnegie Report and the Balkans Today
Author International Conference on the Balkans
Publisher Sofia: The Free and Democratic Bulgaria Society Foundation
Annotation The volume contains contributions and discussions from the conference organized by a Bulgarian non-governmental organization which has also undertaken the first translation ever of the original 1913 Carnegie report (eighty years after its initial appearance). This volume is a corollary to that initiative – an attempt to asses the changing relations and perceptions between the Balkans and the rest of the Europe in the course of the 20th century. The volume consists of twelve articles of the contributors followed by comments of participants. Contributions were grouped around four key sessions: Past as a Prologue, The Major Powers’ Balkan Policies — Realism and Utopia, Vicious Circle of the Ethnic and Cultural Borders in the Balkans and The Balkans – a Test Case for the Correlations between ‘Ethics and Politics’ in International Relations. The conference assembled about 90 participants of very different provenience both from both Western (James Brown, Richard Crampton, Misha Glenny, Jacques Rupnik, Zbigniew Brzezinski…) and local academia (Nikolai Genchev, Vera Mutafchieva, Slaven Letica, Slavenko Terzić…) and was hence a panel for expressing the prevailing streams of thinking about ethnic conflicts in global and Balkan framework, as well as for the local response to the products of mainstream scholarship.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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