Title "Ekklesiale Struktur und Ekklesiologie in der Serbischen Orthodoxen Kirche im 19. und 20."
Author Bremer, Thomas
Publisher Jahrhundert. Würzburg: Augustinus-Verlag
Annotation This book by a German specialist in Serbian church history and theology is the only comprehensive analysis of the worldviews of the two main twentieth century Serbia theologians: Nikolaj Velimirović and Justin Popović. Nonetheless, it is the introductory part on the Church autonomy of the Serbs in the Habsburg Empire (15-103) that provides most of a historical account in this book. Bremer talks about activities of Serbian Sabors (Church meetings that also had important administrative functions) and interestingly incorporates into his narrative the story of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which is usually neglected by the authors. He therefore provides a quite rare detailed account of the church – national lay institutions relationship through the lenses of the canonical law and related ecclesiastical issues. The main part of the monograph is devoted to the analysis of the theological views of Velimirovic and Popovic. Bremer pays attention to the connection between national and ecclesiastical in their works.
Author of Annotation Maria Falina
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