Title "Some Aspect of Serbian Religious Development in the Eighteenth century"
Author Jelavich, Charles
Publisher Church History, Vol. 23, No. 2, June
Annotation This article discusses an important period of Serbian national development, namely religious developments and church life of Serbs in the Eighteenth century. Jelavich starts with the description of Seoba - the great migration of Serbs from today’s Kosovo and Metohia to the Habsburg territories (Vojvodina) in the late seventeenth century - which opened up a new period of the Serbian political and cultural life. The author analyses how the Serbian Orthodox Church had lost its position ‘as the single great institution of the Serbian nationality’ (150) and the leadership of the national movement went into the hands of the Austrian Serbs. He draws comparison between the role and place orthodox clergy had in social and political life in the two neighboring empires. Another aspect that Jelavich underlines is the increasing differentiation between religious and national identity that became apparent on the one hand through the conflict with the Greek hierarchs of the Orthodox Church, and on the other was influenced by the Enlightenment ideas that the Austrian Serbs became acquainted with.
Author of Annotation Maria Falina
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