Title "Sprach- und Geschichtsrevision in Makedonien. Zur Dekonstruktion von Blaže Koneski"
Author Voss, Christian
Publisher Osteuropa 51 no. 8: 953-967.
Annotation The article sheds light on the development of Macedonian philology and historiography during and after the Yugoslav rule but also on number of sociolinguistic and identity phenomena characterizing the cultural context of the Republic of Macedonia. The central theme are the post-Yugoslav attempts for revision of the way the Macedonian language was standardized after 1944 and the criticism regarding the former ‘Belgradocentric’ cultural élite. As a linguist dealing mostly with the Slavic dialects in Northern Greece, Voss analyzes particularly the role of the ‘Aegeans’ (Egejci), i.e. the refugees from the Greek Civil war, in the promotion of both linguistic and historiographic revisionism. Voss shows all the importance of identity cleavages between ‘Pro-Serbs’ and ‘Pro-Bulgarians’, ‘Vardarians’ and ‘Aegeans’ generating different articulations of Macedonian national identity. (also relevant to sub-fields 5, 7, 12)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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