Title "Incompatible Allies: Greek Communism and Macedonian Nationalism in the Civil War in Greece 1943-1949"
Author Rossos, Andrew
Publisher The Journal of Modern History 69 no. 1: 42-76.
Annotation Rossos, a Canadian historian of Macedonian origin, offers an extensive research on the Macedonian question during the Greek Civil war and, especially, on the relationship between the Greek communist party leadership and the Slav Macedonian activists from the National liberation front (NOF). His main conclusion is reflected by the very title of the article: it is a question of different agendas, each one based on its own nationalistic motives (respectively, Greek and Macedonian), which however found ‘common language’ on the ground of political expediency. The active role of Tito’s Yugoslavia in the formation of a Macedonian resistance in Greek Macedonia is largely omitted by Rossos who prefers to see this movement as a purely autochthonous phenomenon. In the same time, although his analysis starts from 1943, Rossos does not discuss the national affiliations of local Slavs who, during the Second World war, sided with movements different from the pro-Yugoslav one.
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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