Title "Nationalism and Communism in Macedonia"
Author Kofos, Evangelos
Publisher Salonica: Institute for Balkan Studie
Annotation Maybe the oldest but still usable research on the Balkan communists’ policies concerning the solution of the ‘Macedonian question’. The outstanding Greek national historian suggests an overview of the national movements in Ottoman Macedonia as well as in the Interwar Macedonias but his accent is laid on the ways in which the Bulgarian, the Yugoslav and the Greek communist parties fostered the ‘creation’ of a Macedonian state and nation. Just like the other ones, this work of Kofos remains centered upon party and state decisions and manipulations of identity. It should be likewise read with precaution concerning the empirical details: Kofos is sometimes not at home with the ‘Slavic’ context of the ‘Macedonian question’ and certain shortcomings of this publication were, in the meantime, demonstrated by other researches. (also relevant to sub-field 2)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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