Title Understanding Ethnic Violence. Fear, Hatred and Resentment in Twentieth-century Eastern Europe
Author Petersen, Roger D.
Publisher Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Annotation By stating that “emotion is an essential part of human nature and has something to do with ethnic violence and conflict (xi) this study is applying an emotion-based approach to ethnic conflicts. In a sharp collision with postemotionalism thesis, first part of the book (chapters 2-4) is mapping out the emotion-based approach through the study of fear, hate, resentment and rage and their impact in forming the narratives of the ethnic communities. Peterson is outlining the development of the relevance of emotions for ethnic conflicts through six historical stages - modernization of empires, destruction of empires, interwar nationalizing states, occupation and war, communist rule and collapse of communism. The second part of the book is examining the thesis on a variety of case studies from the Baltic, Central Europe and the Balkans.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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