Title War in European History
Author Howard, Michael
Publisher Oxford: Oxford University Press
Annotation Short, standard book of Michael Howard provides an overview of the dynamics and techniques of warfare in Europe from the Middle Age to the nuclear era. The author is maintaining that the political notion of Europe was coined, fought for, contested and defended through war as a form of organized and legitimized violence. Author essentialises this state of conflict, in his view being an ongoing struggle in which only the means were changing throughout the time. Those means and contexts are reflected in the titles of his subchapters (Wars of the Knights, The Wars of Mercenaries, The Wars of Merchants, The Wars of Professionals, The Wars of the Revolution, The Wars of Nations, The Wars of the Technologists, The Nuclear Age). However, he maintains that quantitative change transfers into qualitative in the period of wars of revolution and wars of nation in the 19th century, with the introduction of the general mobilization. This has enabled gradual shifting towards the total war, which became even more prominent in the 20th century, and was strengthened by various ideologies, primarily nationalism. In that sense, ethnic conflict presents just a new stage of an ever-present social practice.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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