Title Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
Author Brown, Michael et alii (ed.)
Publisher Cambirdge Mass : The MIT press
Annotation A standard university reader for the issues of relationship between nationalism and ethnic conflict, volume edited by Michael Brown et alia assembled thirteen contributions of reputed authors divided in two central parts: The Sources of Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict and Options for International Action. In the first part contributors are exposing different sets of causes of internal conflicts (Michael Brown) and hypotheses on the relationship between nationalism and war (Stephen Van Evera), and are further applying as the theories on several case studies. The authors maintain that ethnic conflicts are not isolated phenomena in the contemporary world, but in fact are one of its crucial facets. Firmly rejecting monocausal approaches to ethnic conflicts, the authors are exposing sets of structural, political, economical /social and cultural/perceptual factors which are converging in stirring ethnic conflicts and could be of assistance in its disentanglement. This volumes importance strives from the revealing connection between theorizing on ethnic violence and its practical application in public policy.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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