Title Balkan as a Metaphor. Between Globalization and Fragmentation
Author Bjelić, Dušan, Savić, Obrad (ed.)
Publisher Cambridge , Mass : The MIT Press
Annotation A major edited volume from contributes with scholarly interest in both contemporary Balkans and contemporary theory, the book deals with the well-entrenched negative image of the Balkans as the European Otherness, further prompted by the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Grouped around three central issues, (1) Orientalism, Balkanism and Occidentalism, (2) Balkan Identity and Nationality, (3) Sexuality, Trauma and Myth, the contributions are reflecting on the nexus between the contemporary theory and the collapse of the social order in the Balkans. Vesna Goldsworthy (Invention and in(ter)vention: the rhetoric of Balkanization, 25-38) is examining the impact of sets of binaries (rational/irrational, center/periphery, civilization/barabarism) in the creation of image of the wartime operations, and is analyzing the importance of this image for the conduct of the war. The other contributions in immediate connection to the relationship between ethnicity, nationalism and war are represented by Alexander Kiossev (The dark intimacy: maps, identities, acts of identifications 165-190), Ugo Vlaisavljević (South Slav Idenitty and the Ultimate War-Reality 191-208) and Grigoris Ananiadis (Carl Schmitt on Kosovo, or, Talking war seriously, 117-161). The volume contains interesting insights, but also mutually opposed interpretations of the role of war and ethnic identities in contemporary society.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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