Title The Balkan Wars 1912-1913
Author Trotsky, Leon
Publisher New York : Pathfinder
Annotation This voluminous piece of war correspondence was written by Leo Trocky, at the time the journalist for Kievskaya Mysl from the Balkans. Consequently reedited and republished, it consists of three parts: The first one, On the threshold of war covers the events in the Balkans from 1908 until 1912, described as an unstoppable slide of antagonized bourgeoisies towards the war. The second part, War, is examining the 1912-3 events, and the third segment, Postwar Romania, is an insight into the aftermath of wars with a special emphasis on Romania. As an active Social-democrat, Trocky had a highly complex relation towards the Balkan wars. His support for the prewar social-democratic projects of the federal republic in the Balkans made him an enemy of wars inspired by national bourgeoisies. However, he did recognize the deliberative function of war against the Ottoman Empire as a mean of crushing its feudal regime. Hence the mixed judgment on the entire venture, fueled by the fact that both in Bulgaria and in Serbia Social Democrats voted against war credits. Further, his thorough work on documentation of the war crimes (The Crimes of Chauvinism and Democracy 257-312) brought him in a cleavage with the Bulgarian, Serbian and Russian authorities. His overall account of the war-related violence is interesting insofar as he gives clear advantage to the class-centered approach over ethnicity-oriented explanation.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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