Title The War in Eastern Europe; Travels through the Balkans in 1915
Author Reed, John
Publisher London : Phoenix
Annotation This piece of travel literature by the author who attained global fame with his account of the Russian Revolution (Ten days that shook the world) is a description of his itinerary from April to October 1915 in wartime Serbia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The book is reflecting Reed´s experiences on a journey which begun in Thessalonica, and continued through Niš and Belgrade at the time of the Austro-German offensive on Serbia. After the fall of Serbia the author crosses the frontlines and heads to Bukovina and than follows the retreat of the Russian army from Galicia, crossing further through Lemberg into Russia, traveling from Moscow through Petersburg and to Istanbul, passing through Bulgaria at the time of its involvement in the war and ending the journey in Romania. Reed’s account provides an interesting description of a neutral observer who has had an exclusive chance to cross the lines of belligerents and maintain fairly unbiased tone. Choosing Eastern and South Eastern Europe for his field of interest, he has opened up for Western audience quite an unknown realm of understanding the wartime experience. As he maintained that “the most important thing to know about the war is how the different people live; their environment, tradition, and the revealing things they do and say” (vii), his account is richly supplemented with anthropologically motivated observations.
Author of Annotation Vladimir Petrović
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