Title "Interfaith Dialogue versus Recent Hatred: Serbian Orthodoxy and Croatian Catholicism from the Second Vatican Council to the Yugoslav War, 1965–1992"
Author Perica, Vjekoslav
Publisher Religion, State & Society, Vol. 29, No. 1.
Annotation In this article Vjekoslav Perica analyses inter-church relationship in Yugoslavia the Second Vatican Council and accounts for the failure of the ecumenical movement initiated by this council. The author examines how communist quasi religious rhetoric of ‘brotherhood and unity’ correlated with the attempts to establish the interfaith dialogue. Perica shows how Catholic Church in Croatia and the Serbian Orthodox Church increasingly grew more nationalistic starting from the mid 1980s. By the examples of debates over Stepinac’s trial and the Jasenovac issues the article demonstrates how the memories of and the myths born by the Second World War contributed to the radicalization of both churches in the 1980s. Thus Perica argues against the widespread (at the time when this article was published) concept of the ‘centuries long hatreds’ between Catholics and Orthodox, Croats and Serbs in Yugoslavia.
Author of Annotation Maria Falina
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