Title "Church and State in Yugoslavia since 1945"
Author Alexander, Stella
Publisher Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Annotation In this book Stella Alexander provides an account of the relationship between socialist state and Orthodox and Catholic churches in Yugoslavia since 1945 up to the late 1960s. This study was pioneering at the time of it publication but today might not seem groundbreaking in its approach to the issue. Nonetheless, the fact that among Alexander’s primary materials there are not just the archival documents but also interviews with the witnesses of the epoch, makes this study a valuable source of information. The author surveys the state policies towards Serbian and Macedonian Orthodox churches and the Catholic Church in Croatia; the book does not talk unfortunately about Yugoslav Muslims and the destiny of Islam in this country. Alexander pays a lot of attention to the immediate post 1945 period and 1950s which distinguishes her work from later contributions on the same topic that tend to have a different timeframe and focus rather on a later period when the change in the state religious policies was more visible retrospectively. On the whole this is a good supplementary reading for someone with specific interest in the history of Yugoslavia.
Author of Annotation Maria Falina
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