Title "The Church and the ‘Serbian Question'", in Nebojša Popov (ed.) The Road to War in Serbia: Trauma and Catharsis.
Author Radić, Radmila
Publisher Budapest: CEU Press
Annotation This collected volume originally written in Serbian by local intellectuals seeks to systematically explore the roots of the conflict that lead to the break up of Yugoslavia. In her contribution to the volume Radmila Radić raises up a number of important questions: peculiarity of the church-state and church-nation relationships in Eastern Christianity, the Kosovo myth, and the concept of church ‘the saviour of the nation’, etc. The author links up church ideology with the political developments in Serbia since the 1980s, e.g. when talking about the role of the clergy and the church hierarchs during the conflict in Bosnia, Radić points out the centrality of the idea of the unity of the Serbian Orthodox Church for the escalation of the conflict. Overall this article presents a sophisticated enough discussion of various connections between church ideology, national myths (that often are religiously based or at least are claimed to be of this origin), and certain political events/ state policies that can be classified as nationalistic in their nature.
Author of Annotation Maria Falina
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