Title "Ethnic Rivalry and the Quest for Macedonia, 1870-1913"
Author Aarbakke, Vemund
Publisher Boulder: East European Monographs
Annotation Aarbakke suggests the most comprehensive overview of the ethnic rivalries in Ottoman Macedonia between the foundation of the Bulgarian Exarchate (1870) and the end of the Balkan wars. The work is quite valuable with the fact that the author masters equally Greek, Turkish and the Balkan Slavic languages, and for that reason had access to various literatures on the topic. Aarbakke depicts the violent struggle between Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian and Romanian propagandists and partisans in the turn-of-the-century Macedonia. He does not forget also the development of a particular Slav Macedonian nationalism as well as the national movements of Albanians, Young Turks etc. Aarbakke’s book is an excellent guide in the study of the ‘violent’ aspects of the ‘Macedonian question’ but is likewise conceptually informed and sensitive to the modern theories of ethnicity and nationalism. (also relevant to sub-fields 1, 4)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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