Title "Die bulgarisch-jugoslawische Kontroverse um Makedonien 1967-1982"
Author Troebst, Stefan
Publisher Munich: Oldenbourg
Annotation An irreplaceable guide in the ‘politico-historiographic nexus’ in Bulgaria and in Yugoslav Macedonia during the communism written by an incontestable connoisseur not only of the history of the ‘Macedonian question’ but also of the contemporary evolution of Macedonian and Bulgarian political and/or cultural context. Troebst suggests a very detailed presentation of the controversies between Bulgarian and Yugoslav politicians and scientists concerning the history of Macedonia, the Macedonian Slavic language and the Macedonian national minority in Bulgaria that began already in 1958 but ‘exploded’ fully by the late 1960s. Apart from the valuable information about the development of the polemics, Troebst offers an analysis, which is extremely important for the understanding of the intrinsic relationship of Party-State leadership and academia in the communist Eastern European countries. He discusses the particular intertwining of politics and historical science in Bulgaria and in Yugoslav Macedonia, where historians did not simply have the role of registrars obedient to orders but disposed of a significant political influence. According to his conclusion, there is no similar case of mutual dependence of historiography and politics on such a level in Eastern or Southeast Europe. Some parts of the study would be nevertheless difficult for a reader who is not acquainted with the ‘contents’ of the Bulgarian-Macedonian historiographic debates as Troebst presents the concrete historical themes (vast indeed) in a very general way. (also relevant to sub-field 11)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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