Title "Who Are the Macedonians?"
Author Poulton, Hugh
Publisher Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press
Annotation Ambitious title behind which the reader would find number of valuable data. The profession of the author – human rights activist – already indicates the most reliable part of the book: the situation of Macedonian minorities in Albania, Bulgaria and Greece (chapter eight) and of national minorities in the Republic of Macedonia itself (chapter seven). Poulton’s assessment of the political context of independent Macedonia (chapter nine) could be also helpful. The other parts of the monograph represent an overview of the history of Macedonia in an extremely longue durée – since the earliest human remains from Mousterian times (sic!). Poulton has compiled uncritically different interpretations borrowed from the Balkan historiographies and retransmitted by ‘Western’ scholars. Even if Poulton’s presentation of number of historical events and contexts seems surprisingly plausible, his general approach shocks with the lack of sophistication. (also relevant to sub-field 2)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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