Title "Macedonia. The Politics of Identity and Difference"
Author Cowan, Jane (ed.)
Publisher London: Pluto Press
Annotation Contrary to the expectations that might be generated by the title, in general, the collective volume does not present the identity politics in the contemporary post-Yugoslav Macedonia. Most of the articles deal with local identity issues in Greek Macedonia and present the outcome of an anthropological fieldwork. Riki Van Boeschoten (“When Difference Matters: Sociopolitical Dimensions of Ethnicity in the District of Florina”) examines the intertwining of categories of ‘class’ and ethnicity in the ‘cultural division of labor’ characteristic for the Florina (Lerin) area in Northwestern Greece. The experience of ethnic identity in the same region is studied also by Piero Vereni (“Os Ellin Makedonas: Autobiography, Memory and National Identity in Western Greek Macedonia”). Iakovos Michailidis (“On the Other Side of the River: the Defeated Slavophones and Greek History”) offers a historical perspective on the political activism of local Slavs – from the pro-Bulgarian komitadjis by the turn of the 20th century to the pro-Yugoslav partisans form the National liberation fronts (SNOF and NOF) during the Second World war and the Greek Civil war. Loring Danforth (“’How Can a Woman Give Birth to One Greek and One Macedonian?’”) analyzes the construction of national identity among immigrants to Australia from Northern Greece. The only exception dealing with the Republic of Macedonia is Keith Brown’s article (“In the Realm of the Double-Headed Eagle: Parapolitics in Macedonia 1994-93”) exploring the challenges to the symbols and categories of Macedonian nationhood and statehood set by the Albanian minority activism.
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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