Title "The Macedonian Conflict. Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World"
Author Danforth, Loring
Publisher Princeton: Princeton University Press
Annotation Danforth analyzes the conflict between Greeks and Macedonians concerning the ‘right’ over the Macedonian identity and the history of Macedonia. He suggests a comprehensive anthropological study of the Macedonian diasporic nationalism, especially in Australia and Canada, and of its relationship to the development of minority claims in contemporary Greek Macedonia. Danforth demonstrates successfully his main theoretical thesis – the globalization process does not suppress but, on the contrary, fosters the ethnic nationalism, the latter being reformulated nowadays on a global ‘transnational’ scale. This indisputably important work however suffers from serious shortcomings. The first ones are related to the author’s average knowledge of the theories of ethnicity and nationalism attested by his focus on the ‘ethnic nationalism’. The second ones concern his historical incompetence: Danforth suggests quite a naïve presentation of the ‘construction of a Macedonian national identity’, based entirely on secondary literature published in English. His work contains quasi-comical errors whose origin is sometimes uncertain: for instance, he affirms that in Bulgaria ‘Macedonian names’ like Petrov and Markov were written as Petroff and Markoff (p. 160) while it is simply a question of a traditional English transliteration of the same names. His sympathetic presentation of life stories at the end of the book shows certain analytical weakness and looks much more like a kind of journalism. (also relevant to sub-field 6)
Author of Annotation Tchavdar Marinov
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